Combined Liability Insurance

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Public & Employers Liability Insurance – Combined Liability.

Combined liability insurance, essential cover for your business covering both Public & Products Liability Insurance and Employers Liability.

Public & Products liability is purchased by an indemnity limit, that’s the amount up to what the insurance company will pay. Whilst this usually starts at £1million, the norm is £2m or £5m but much higher limits are available.

Employers Liability is compulsory, and whilst the minimum limit may be £5m all insurers provide £10m limit

Your business insurance

Covered by experience, not by a call centre!

Whatever sector you work in a combined liability insurance will provide you the essential basic cover that can be built on depending on your business insurance requirements.

A contractor? – speak to a contracting insurance specialist.

Thomas Somers

The flooding from storm Desmond on 5 December was pretty devastating. Over half a metre of muddy, chemically contaminated water caused more damage than my worst expectations.
We made an instant decision to continue as normal and concentrate on our customers. We were speedily visited by the loss adjustor who almost instantly agreed with our plans for clearing out the damaged centre and for moving into temporary accommodation. In all of this process Lucy was a massive help, offering practical advice, helping chase the insurers when things got bogged down and being firmly on our side when we didn’t agree with proposals made by the loss adjustor. Her calm and structured approach was a huge morale booster at a difficult time. Without such an efficient service we would not have been able to “continue as normal” and get our centre re-built so quickly.
It is often said that you only know how good your insurance is when you need to make a claim.

What does Combined Liability Cover?

Public and Products liability insurance covers Loss, Damage or Injury to a third party, eg the general public, its a non-compulsory insurance but for certain trades such as the construction sector, where you are on site it will be a minimum requirement.

If you manufacture, use or sell on goods of any type then Products Liability provides the same cover as Public Liability, it differs only in respect that it covers claims arising from your products.

Employers Liability covers injury or disease to your employees, this is compulsory insurance and where you have employees or you have people working for you, you must have this cover by law

Liability insurance covers

When we refer to combined liability insurance it depends what industry sector you are in and whether its a good fit for you, and what you do as a business.


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