Computer Insurance

Insuring Business Computers

Computer Insurance, the ideal insurance policy to make sure your hardware, software, servers and equipment are covered, wherever you might be, even worldwide.

As the name suggests it covers the computers in your business, but having a specific computer policy does have its benefits. The cover is much wider not only on the equipment itself, but covers the software involved in your business such as for accounts or design.

If your business also extends to trips out of the country laptops can be covered worldwide

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Computer Insurance, wider cover protecting more than just the hardware.

JJ O’Hara

Having placed all my pizza outlet insurance with Real on their dedicated scheme for our franchise group I have received first class advice and service at an annual premium no one else has can get anywhere near.

What does Computer Insurance cover

Your Computer Hardware

How did we ever manage without computers, in an age where computers and technology seem to rule the world without them that very same world can come to a halt. Insurance for your hardware is essential, a Computer Insurance Policy will provide you with very wide cover for the PC’s that your business might use on a daily basis, it will cover laptops, servers and all the ancillary items both in your premises as well as away such as at home or at customers premises, or as far as worldwide cover if required.

Your Software

Usually an item that is easily forgotten, you might use specialist software in your business, although this increasingly lives in the cloud you may use payroll software and if you design products or systems then this may be located on your laptop.

Data Reinstatement

If anything happens to the data on your computers through a covered peril such as theft, getting that data back might be time consuming and costly. Take a printer or design company they may have many designs or fonts that are going to need replacing and installing.

Increased Costs

Losing your computers or equipment can result in additional costs to get you back to where you were before the loss occurred.

Speak to us about your Computers and equipment we can ensure that you are insuring correctly and on the right basis.


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