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One of the most targeted items is Contractors Plant, whether its large plant or smaller items such as mini diggers, generators or even tower scaffold, whether this is Hired in Plant or Own Plant, insurance must be more than just a consideration. What costs more, the premium to insure them or the inconvenience if anything happens to them?

One of the larger risks is theft, there is a ready market for your plant, whether large or small. Theft from vehicles is common place but it doesn’t just end there, when you are on site you need to make sure that your plant is fully covered.

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Whatever type of plant you have, from small hand tools to larger items of plant such as excavators we can include all these under one contractors plant insurance policy, or bring them together under a Contractors All Risks insurance policy.

You’re a contractor – speak to a contracting insurance specialist.

JJ O’Hara

Having placed all my pizza outlet insurance with Real on their dedicated scheme for our franchise group I have received first class advice and service at an annual premium no one else has can get anywhere near.

So what does Contractors Plant cover?

As a contractor its inevitable that you will use plant and equipment in your business. This needs to be protected not only whilst it’s on your site but also whilst in vehicles or, if you have premises where they are kept, then there also.

As with any type of insurance that covers property, these are usually insured on either an All Risks basis which means that they are fully covered for almost every eventuality other than for certain items that are detailed in a policy and specifically excluded.

What items of plant are covered?

This is very wide as it will cover almost any type of plant that is used on site, but as an example and other than the usual items such as excavators, mini diggers and other powered equipment you may have Porto-loos, containers used as site offices, tool containers and really any other item of plant that you have on site.

Speak to us about how we can insure your Contractors Plant & Equipment, we can insure them in isolation with are range of insurers, or more specifically on a policy covering your entire business.


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