Exporters Insurance

Insurance for Exporters

Really exciting this exporting stuff, you manufacture your products and then send them throughout the world.

There isn’t actually one specific product for exporters, its generally made up of various policies that protect your business. Raw materials to the finished goods, at your premises and en-route to their final destination. Public Liability and Products Liability Insurance making sure that you have the necessary cover against potential negligence allegations as well as defects of your products.

Your business insurance

Covered by experience, not by a call centre!

Raw material to first use

Whatever your product if you are a manufacturer you probably already have many of the covers in place such as on a manufacturers Commercial Combined policy, this will cover the contents at your business premises, raw materials and finished goods ready for sale.

The only things that need to be changed is perhaps your liability covers you have in place to include goods exported and if you have goods in transit that will cover your goods in the UK but unlikely to cover them elsewhere, Marine cargo insurance needs to be put in place, and whilst you might be using carriers or forwarders insurance this isn’t always the most cost effective route for you, or your customers.

Thomas Somers

The flooding from storm Desmond on 5 December was pretty devastating. Over half a metre of muddy, chemically contaminated water caused more damage than my worst expectations.
We made an instant decision to continue as normal and concentrate on our customers. We were speedily visited by the loss adjustor who almost instantly agreed with our plans for clearing out the damaged centre and for moving into temporary accommodation. In all of this process Lucy was a massive help, offering practical advice, helping chase the insurers when things got bogged down and being firmly on our side when we didn’t agree with proposals made by the loss adjustor. Her calm and structured approach was a huge morale booster at a difficult time. Without such an efficient service we would not have been able to “continue as normal” and get our centre re-built so quickly.
It is often said that you only know how good your insurance is when you need to make a claim.

All about the products

Products Liability insurance is a key cover, again its normally covered with public liability insurance and needs to extended when you export your products abroad. Insurers are generally happy with exporting as long as they know what it is you manufacture and plan on and what is being exported. Counties that you export to should not present a problem but the USA and Canada can be an issue with many insurers preferring not to provide products liability to this part of the world.

The wild west

When it comes to litigation the USA and Canada probably get the gold medals, even if you haven’t dealt with insurance for this part of the world you will probably be aware that shoot now ask questions later might be the order of the day, whether this is good bad or indifferent is a matter of opinion, from an insurers point of view it could be quite expensive.

Not all insurers are happy to provide USA product liability insurance, we however have excellent relationships with insurers that are happy to cover exported products to this part of the World.

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