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Insurance for the Construction Industry

Insurance for contracting trades, to get the right balance between cover and competitiveness its essential that you deal with the right broker, we are brokers who are experienced in this sector and have access to specialist markets, some of which are exclusive.

Public & Employers Liability is a prerequisite, but there are other covers that need to be considered, some which are prudent to have and others that are a contractual requirement when you take on a contract.

Your business insurance

Covered by experience, not by a call centre!

The type and size of your business is no problem to us, our smaller clients are typically general builders, general contracting trades such as commercial painters, through to house builders and much higher risk contracting trades such as bridge builders and piling contractors.

You’re a contractor – speak to a contracting insurance specialist.

Coxmoor Electrical

Coxmoor Electrical have worked with real Insurance for a number of years. Then from initial investigation of the market for best value quotation, through to sorting any claims we find Real Insurance very professional.

Not all contractors insurance policies are the same

When you are a contractor insurance generally isn’t going to be at the forefront of your mind, you need to be comfortable though that when you need your broker, they are there to react to any potential problems you may have.

Comfort is a broad ranging statement, as a broker we only place our contractors insurance with insurers that are A rated, in the London market or at Lloyds of London

Basing your insurance buying decisions on premium alone is fine by some, we firmly put quality of product before the cheapest possible premium, this is where comfort lives, when you are buying insurance for your business its about protecting that business with insurance that is going to respond when you need it.

Buying contractors insurance is straight forward

We ensure that what we recommend to you is specific for your requirements, that means providing covers that work with your business.

Public & Employers Liability, essential business insurance protecting for those in the contracting and construction trades against claims from the Public and Employees.

Contract Works Insurance, insurance that covers your responsibility for work already done and in progress whatever the size of your contract .

Own & Hired in Plant Insurance, whether you own it or hire it in, contractors plant needs to be insured, protecting your business against loss or damage.

What does a contractors insurance cover?

Insurance for contractors can be based on various policy types, and is dependent on the cover required. For the smaller contractor this may be a “per-capita” liability policy covering mainly liability insurance and perhaps tools insurance.

For larger contractors this could be a Contractors Combined insurance policy which is modular, your insurance is built from various optional sections.

Whatever the size or type of your business we provide insurance products that fit your business insurance requirements.

Your business insurance

Covered by experience,
not by a call centre!

Building blocks of your insurance

Most businesses know and generally understand what Public Liability Insurance is, claims can come from a third party at any time and this cover provides essential protection for your business, you just choose the level of cover, £2m, £5m or higher if required.

It’s a statutory requirement where you have employees that you must have Employers Liability Insurance in place, this protects you as an employer as well as provides compensation to your employee should they have an accident or sustain an injury whilst working for you.

As a contractor you can be responsible for a wide range of property, the works you are undertaking and the materials that you may have already installed or are on site awaiting installation or use can all be at risk, a Contract Works insurance policy will provide a wide range of cover.

Many jobs require the use of Plant and Equipment, this may be Hired in Plant or Own Plant and can either be included within a CAR policy or on plant insurance.

Sometime working on certain jobs the plans that you are working from may have to be changed or you are asked to provide your own designs, if these are wrong you may be held responsible for any financial loss, this can be covered under a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy specifically designed for contractors.

Your insurance cover can include, where applicable your buildings, your manufacturing equipment as well as other contents such as fixtures and fittings.

Depending on your type of business there are other insurance covers to consider, these are very specific covers when carrying out certain contracts, JCT21.2.1 Insurance covers you for non-negligent liability, Bonds are available for other contracts where required.


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