Contract Works Insurance

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Contract Works Insurance

Protecting the works themselves, the new work and the work that you have yet to carry out, the plant and machinery used on the site and the materials that have yet to be used.

If a claim arises at the works where you are responsible, before you have completed the contract its probably down to you to replace the materials and redo the work. Whether you have a specific contract or not covering your works is a prudent move, even if there is no contractual responsibility to do so. If you were nearing completion and there was a loss of materials could you afford to restart the contract and pay for the materials again?

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Covered by experience, not by a call centre!

Whether you are building new houses, you are a sub-contractor installing heating and ventilation or you are erecting signs, if you need to or are required to cover the works, then a Contract Works Insurance policy will cover your needs.

You’re a contractor – speak to a contracting insurance specialist.

JJ O’Hara

Having placed all my pizza outlet insurance with Real on their dedicated scheme for our franchise group I have received first class advice and service at an annual premium no one else has can get anywhere near.

So what does Contract Works Insurance cover?

As the name would suggest it covers the works itself as well as other associated property required for the contract.

The works themselves for which you are responsible including materials, typically a contract works policy is covering the works. Plant and machinery on site as well as tools, site huts and similar, and your porta-loo’s of course can also be added..

Whilst cover for own plant or hired in plant can be pulled together on your contract works insurance, Own Plant Insurance and Hired in Plant Insurance are both covers that are available as separate insurance products in their own right.


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