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If your business has premises used as a base, whether you use them purely as an office, a builders yard or are also used for manufacturing they need to be insured.

Insuring them will provide you with wide cover against many perils including storm, flood, and the important theft cover.

Your business insurance

Covered by experience, not by a call centre!

Depending on the type of premises you have can determine what type of premises policy we would recommend to you, for larger businesses where we would look at Contractors Combined Insurance all of your business premises can be included along with your Liability Insurance cover.

You’re a contractor – speak to a contracting insurance specialist.

Thomas Somers

The flooding from storm Desmond on 5 December was pretty devastating. Over half a metre of muddy, chemically contaminated water caused more damage than my worst expectations.
We made an instant decision to continue as normal and concentrate on our customers. We were speedily visited by the loss adjustor who almost instantly agreed with our plans for clearing out the damaged centre and for moving into temporary accommodation. In all of this process Lucy was a massive help, offering practical advice, helping chase the insurers when things got bogged down and being firmly on our side when we didn’t agree with proposals made by the loss adjustor. Her calm and structured approach was a huge morale booster at a difficult time. Without such an efficient service we would not have been able to “continue as normal” and get our centre re-built so quickly.
It is often said that you only know how good your insurance is when you need to make a claim.

So what does Contractors Premises cover?

Contracting trades are diverse, if its the construction industry that you work in then you may have premises that are geared around just an office.

Whilst you may have Public Liability Insurance cover on its own a simple Office Insurance policy would cover your basic needs in terms of office machinery, include stock insurance and we would have to arrange that on a separate policy.

Where you have an amount of storage or premises where you manufacture such as a joiners shop we can put all your covers together under one policy.

Whatever type of premises you work from let us design the insurance around your exact needs, covering your business premises, liabilities, machinery and plant and materials on site, dovetailed cover whatever your business does.


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