Employers Liability Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance is a statutory requirement.

This means that you have to have Employers Liability insurance when you employ people.

Whilst there are some types of employees where employers liability is not a legal requirement, in almost all cases it is, even people who are voluntary or they are on a government scheme employers liability insurance is still a requirement.

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Employers Liability is commonly available, although you wouldn’t really buy the cover on its own. A commercial combined insurance policy for manufacturers or a contractor for instance you will have an option to include it and is based on the wages you pay to your employees

If you have a package policy such as for a shop, an office, a pub or club and similar business then the cover comes as standard and is included within the package automatically.

Remember where you have employees cover is compulsory, if you are unsure lets have a discussion about your requirements.

M.B. Birkinshaw

Since our initial enquiry to Real Insurance through Mrs Anne Jones, we have received excellent service. A personal interest and a full understanding of our requirements impressed us so much that we are now in our second year with Real Insurance. We would not hesitate to recommend their services to any business association. Personal attention and customer satisfaction will retain our business year after year.

So what does Employers Liability cover

Employers Liability covers you against claims arising from loss, injury, disease etc to an employee, when you employ them. As an employer you have a duty of care to your employees to keep them in a safe environment whether that is in a factory, a shop or whilst they may be working away from your business premises. There is a lot of requirements put on you as an employer to safeguard your employees. Sometimes with the best will in the world, unavoidable accidents do happen and when they do your employee can make a claim against you.

Who is an employee

This can sometimes be misunderstood, obviously PAYE employees, what about labour only people in the construction sector for example, just because they are self employed they may very well be employees, students on work experience, voluntary workers, they are all under your control

Speak to us about your needs and the employees you have we can ensure that you are insuring correctly and including them accordingly


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