Existing Structure Insurance

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Existing Structure Insurance

Sometimes as a building contractor you may be asked to insure the existing structure of the premises that you are working on.

When insuring the existing structure, you will be covering the building itself. For you to be responsible for the structure is perfectly normal as long as its written into the contract, JCT for example.

Your business insurance

Covered by experience, not by a call centre!

As a contractor, purchasing existing structure insurance dovetails with other covers that you may need, including contract works insurance and public and employers liability insurance.

You’re a contractor – speak to a contracting insurance specialist.

Barry Morley

We have always found them very efficient and professional in their handling of our account. Our account executive understands our requirements, and identifies various areas of risk that we would simply not have thought of without help, and provides solutions for these risks at minimal cost.

Being made responsible for the existing structure?

If you haven’t come across this requirement before you may be wondering why it is you and not your employer that is covering the existing structure. For you to be responsible for the structure is perfectly normal as long as its written into the contract – JCT or otherwise for instance.

This is a cover offered by very few insurers, we can usually add existing structure insurance under a Contract Works insurance policy very competitively with one of our underwriters.

Is this not a cover that we could offer in isolation!

Whilst it is easy to cover a building whilst unoccupied or partially unoccupied, its not exactly the best way for it to be done, the insurer offering terms would almost certainly reduce the perils covered – what this means is instead of giving you storm, flood etc they would provide the most basic of cover being fire, lightning, explosion.

Dovetailed insurance cover.

Buying existing structure insurance means that you are purchasing insurance that dovetails with other areas of policy cover such as contract works insurance and combined liability insurance


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