Fleet Insurance

Multi-Vehicle Insurance from three vehicles and up

As your business grows trying to handle multiple individual vehicle insurance policies can be become, well a bit of a nightmare.

So, what is the alternative to individual policies? Fleet Insurance is an ideal way to go, it is totally scalable with your business, as you grow further you expand the fleet accordingly.

What type of fleets do we deal with

  • Fleets from 3 and upwards
  • Fleet cover for Cars, Vans, Trucks and Special Type vehicles
  • Cover for any driver or to best meet your requirements.
  • Cover for dangerous or inflammable goods
  • UK and European Insurance Cover
  • Breakdown assistance

What type of information will you have to provide to us to get a fleet insurance quote

  • A full list of your vehicles, make, model, age, value.
  • Details of all drivers, particularly those that are under age 25
  • Accidents or Convictions obtaines in thire own vehicle
  • Claims experience**

Before obtaining your “claims experience” please speak to us first, there are reasons for this but do speak to us before you speak to your existing broker, we can obtain the claims experience for you

Whatever your fleet size

Fleet Insurance usually starts at three vehicles, but most insurers start at five and above, these can be all vans, all cars or a mixture of these. If you have special types these can be included in your fleet as can fork lifts and similar vehicles.

But Fleet insurance is just lots of vehicles on one policy isn’t it?

Many brokers would probably have you believe this approach

To an extent this type of insurance is viewed by many brokers and policy holders as just a commodity with prices being driven down as low as possible, this attitude is of course fine, but its not really presenting a fleet policy in the right light.

Your fleet insurance can work for you, just moving insurer every year to save a few quid isn’t really going to do you to many favors.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should!

So how is your current insurers service, their responsiveness on claims, some insurers can be more troublesome than others when it comes to claims and before you make that important leap to save a few £££’s just think about what you are getting from your current insurer

As we say, just because you can doesn’t really dictate that you should. Loyalty in the fleet market goes a long way with insurers

Why Real Insurance Group for fleet insurance?

We deal with almost all the insurers in the fleet market, some you will know, some you won’t. Whilst we can approach the whole market on your behalf, we firstly understand what you want out of your fleet insurer, drivers, excesses, flexibility on changes, we approach only the insurers that are going to fit your requirements.

Speak to us now about your fleet, whatever its size, whatever it carries

Its easy to get a quote for your fleet Insurance, call us NOW on 01623 397300 or ask us to call you back at a time to suit you.

Fleet Insurance for Business throughout the UK, based in Mansfield, Nottingham


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