Goods in Transit Insurance

If your shop delivers to customers you may want to include this cover, some packages again automatically include an amount of cover for this but be aware of the limitations it provides. The cover provided is for loss or damage to your goods whilst being delivered to your customers, some things you need to be aware of are overnight exclusions, theft whilst unattended, even in the day. Make sure that the cover provided adequately meets the amount that you have in the vehicle at any one time.

Goods in Transit where it’s not you that is delivering to your customer. You may wish to use carriers for sending your goods, however be aware of the limitations that your carrier may have. Usually, and unless you increase the cover with them they will only provide a small amount of insurance cover should the item become lost or damaged. Many carriers work to certain terms and conditions which you will automatically be agreeing to, many provide the option to add the full insurance cover, however this can prove expensive and therefore you can have the option under your goods in transit insurance to add cover for items in the custody of carriers.

Coxmoor Electrical

Coxmoor Electrical have worked with real Insurance for a number of years. Then from initial investigation of the market for best value quotation, through to sorting any claims we find Real Insurance very professional.


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