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For Importers, Wholesalers and Distributors

If you are importing insurance somewhere along the line is going to be a requirement, whether that is Marine insurance/a> to get your products here, Product Liability insurance on the items being imported or perhaps more complex areas such as interruption to your business should there be a loss at your suppliers premises.

    Key considerations when importing

  • Marine Insurance
  • Product Liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Stock Insurance

Business Interruption for Importers

Reliant on your supplier?

If you are relying on the overseas manufacturer to supply you with component parts or completed products, a lot can go wrong before your products arrive in the UK, even then there are risks.

Consider what is going to happen to your business if you cannot be supplied because of your supplier has suffered an extensive fire? Can you quickly switch your supply to an alternative, what is the lead time, will the new suppliers be able to provide the quality? Whilst all this is going on whats happening to your business?

Risks like Business Interruption insurance are some of the areas that we can advise on, the above instance there is a potential interruption to your business and this can be covered.


When it comes to importing insurance stock can be covered differently depending on what you are importing and what happens to the stock when it arrives in the UK

Under normal circumstances stock would be insured under a standard commercial combined insurance policy, when it comes to importing insurance can be arranged separately on what is called stock throughput insurance. This means that the stock at your premises are covered under a Marine policy and not the standard commercial combined.

Stock throughput insurance, this is explained further in Marine insurance but essentially as long as the stock is only staying at your premises temporarily en-route to the customer then this can be covered under this type of insurance.

What makes this type of cover somewhat better than putting it under stock cover on a commercial combined insurance is that any claim would be made on “invoice value” and not cost.

Product Liability Insurance

Although product liability insurance plays a key part of your business as an importer, wholesaler or distributor, its important to understand a few things.

Knowing your supplier is key, an insurer will expect that all legislation on quality is met such as CE marking and similar, its also important to know that there is recourse against the manufacturer.

As you would imagine insurers are rightfully concerned when it comes to importing insurance, they like to know about what you are importing and where from and to what extent, the cover provided by the insurer is for loss, damage or injury to a third party.

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