You will now be subject to 6 points on your license, plus a fine, for using your phone while driving

If you are caught using your phone while driving, you can look forward to receiving 6 points on your license as well as a fine.

With this in mind, we would like to give you a few tips on how to avoid any of these penalties

  1. Use a hands-free system – Use a hands-free system, whether that’s in-built into your car/van, an accessory for your car, or one available on your phone.
  2. Pull over, and turn the engine off – If you need to text, don’t have a hands-free system, or need to use your phone for any other reason, pull over and turn your engine off. If your engine is on, you may still receive a penalty.
  3. Put it away – If you don’t need to use your phone while driving, then put it in your glovebox, or some other location where you cannot see your phone light up when your receive a message.

If you employ drivers, you should make sure that they are aware of the new regulations to avoid them being caught out.


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