JCT 21.2.1 Insurance - Non Negligent Liability

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JCT21.2.1 Non-Negligent Liability Insurance.

A standard Public Liability insurance policy will only cover you against damage to third party property which has resulted from your negligence.

Non-Negligent liability for the construction industry usually falls under JCT 21.2.1 insurance, if your works damage a neighboring property, you could be held liable with the inevitable consequences.

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JCT 21.2.1 insurance requires insurance to be arranged in the joint names of the Employer (employer can be the main contractor or owner of the property themselves) and Contractor, JCT 21.2.1 insurance will protect the Employer in respect of their legal liability for damage to adjacent or surrounding property.

JCT21.2.1 Non-negligent liability insurance specifically designed for the Construction Industry.

A contractor? – speak to a contracting insurance specialist.

Coxmoor Electrical

Coxmoor Electrical have worked with real Insurance for a number of years. Then from initial investigation of the market for best value quotation, through to sorting any claims we find Real Insurance very professional.

What does JCT 21.2.1 insurance cover?

JCT 21.2.1 insurance is usually purchased by the Contractor on behalf of the Employer to provide protection against the Employer’s liability (not to be mistaken for employers laibiliy insurance) for loss, claims or proceedings that arise due to non-negligent damage to property while undertaking a building contract due to:

  • Collapse
  • Subsidence
  • Heave
  • Vibration
  • Weakening or removal of support
  • Lowering of groundwater

How to get a JCT21.2.1 insurance Quote

Real Insurance Group are specialists when it comes to this type of insurance, you can enter all of your details at www.jct-2121.co.uk, we can provide a very fast turnaround from specialist insurers.


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