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Insurance for Manufacturers

Manufacturers Insurance the flexible cover to protect your business, whether you manufacture a complete part, just a component or assemble, you are faced with many risks, not only at your premises but from many outside forces, circumstances frequently out of your control.

Your business insurance

Covered by experience, not by a call centre!

Irrespective of the size of your business, comprehensive business insurance is essential, whilst general “commercial combined” insurance policies are available a wide range of business insurance covers, many insurers have insurance products that are tailor made for specific trade types or sectors.

Whatever your manufacturing business does let Real Insurance Group tailor your insurance needs, whether that is on a specialist manufacturers insurance policy, or something designed more specifically for Technology, Metalworking, Plastics or Printing as an example.

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We have been Using Real Insurances Services for a year now and initially apart from the savings we made by switching to them being amazing the service and help from the company have been admirable in the few occasions we have needed their assistance. We have found them to be very courteous and efficient and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

Not all manufacturing insurance policies are the same

Insurance policies for manufacturing may, on the surface appear to be the same. Once you remove the standard covers it’s the extensions that can make all the difference to the quality of the product you are purchasing.

Basing your insurance buying decisions on premium alone however can mean you are missing out on covers that could be specific to your business.

Buying insurance for your manufacturing business is straight forward

We ensure that what we are recommending is specific for your requirements, that means providing cover that works for your business contents, in the event of a loss that your business interruption insurance has the necessary covers built in and that your public liability and product liability adequately reflect your business activities.

Let us design your insurance for your manufacturing business – we are not a call center, we are real brokers with years of experience dealing with businesses such as yours.

Property Insurance, covering your buildings, your machinery and plant, your fixtures and fittings. Essential cover whatever you manufacture.

Business Interruption Insurance, because your business relies on you having premises to work from, without this cover your business can be put at risk.

Public & Products Liability, essential business cover when you manufacture. Products liability insurance protects you against claims arising from your products.

What does manufacturers insurance cover?

Insurance for manufacturers is usually based on a commercial combined insurance policy, a policy that provides the core cover for most eventualities around the manufacture of your products.

Wide cover as standard.

Buy only the cover you need for your business but get wide insurance covers as standard. Insurance for manufacturers is made up of many separate covers, you just choose the ones that adequately cover your business needs.

Quality is important and we believe that basing your insurance buying decisions on premium alone can mean you are missing out on covers that could be not only essential but specific to your business. Build the correct insurance cover for your business, and let us worry about the best premium.

Your business insurance

Covered by experience,
not by a call centre!

Building blocks of your insurance.

The building you work from needs insurance, if its rented then in most instances its your landlords responsibility. It covers many perils such as Fire, Storm and Flood, essential insurance cover to get your business premises operational should you have a loss

Manufacturers Insurance will cover all your business contents, your machinery, manufacturing equipment as well as other contents such as fixtures and fittings. Your office equipment, furniture, computers and other electronic machinery all covered in one place.

To keep you in business if the worst should happen is Business Interruption Insurance, an essential item of insurance cover for any manufacturer which can be provided for up to 3 years and puts your business back in the position it was before a loss.

As a manufacturer you will need to move your goods around as well as delivery to your customers, whether in your own or carriers vehicles Goods in Transit Insurance is essential, protecting your goods wherever they are or whoever has them.

Most people in business know and generally understand what Public Liability Insurance is, a manufacturers insurance policy can easily cover this. Claims can come from a third party at any time and this cover provides essential protection for your business, you just choose the level of cover, £2m, £5m or higher if required.

As a manufacturer your products are your business, if your product causes loss damage or injury to someone then you need cover there to protect your business from claims. Product Liability Insurance does just that.

It’s a statutory requirement that where you have employees, you must have Employers Liability Insurance in place, this protects you as an employer as well as provides compensation to your employee should they have an accident or sustain an injury whilst working for you.

Manufacturers Insurance has off the shelf solutions that can be tailored to suit your exact business protection needs.


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