Product Liability Insurance

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Product Liability Insurance

When manufacturing or selling a product there is always the risk that the product itself could cause loss or injury to a third party). Product Liability protects against actions taken against you where you can be proven to have been negligent.

If you are a manufacturer then the buck, in most instances will stop with you, it’s your responsibility for that item or component that you have manufactured. If it’s a component manufactured by someone else then the responsibility/liability can be passed to them.

As a retailer or shop keeper, you still need product liability insurance, in fact it will almost certainly come as standard with your shop insurance package along side public liability insurance.

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Product liability insurance – keeping your business in business.

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We have been Using Real Insurances Services for a year now and initially apart from the savings we made by switching to them being amazing the service and help from the company have been admirable in the few occasions we have needed their assistance. We have found them to be very courteous and efficient and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

A slightly wider explanation

If you’re a retailer unless you have manufactured the goods or modified them the responsibility will just be passed back to your supplier, whom in turn will pass it on to their supplier, wholesaler or manufacturer.

An engineer manufactures a component that causes damage in a larger machine; a retailer may sell a product that is contaminated and caused injury to an individual, a product is sold that is unfinished causing cuts to the user, an importer supplies a product that is not fit for purpose causing injury to the public.

More than just the product.

The list of potential risks goes on, but it doesn’t just stop with the product itself. If you are supplying instructions with your product then you still need to make absolutely sure that these are correct including in other languages as well if applicable.

Free Translation – great in theory.

Search engine spell checkers are great, but what looks right in English might not actually be right in another language. If you get the translation wrong and injury occurs then you could very well be held responsible.

Remember, where you are manufacturing, distributing or selling a product you will certainly need the protection products liability insurance offers, even if you are not responsible, the costs involved can be considerable to defend yourself.


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