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Insurance for Restaurants is an essential part of your business.

As a restaurant owner you have enough on your plate (no pun intended) just handling the complexities of the day to day running of your business.

Restaurant Insurance really is essential, think about the risks, you have stream of people entering your business most days, slips, trips and similar are a constant risk. Then there is the cooking equipment itself, turn your back and that garlic bread is now an inferno.

Restaurant Insurance is very simple to arrange, but what you need is a product that is designed just for you, no restaurant is the same as the next, and your insurance needs to reflect this, you need an insurance policy that is designed around you and your business.

Restaurant Insurance – designed around your business

Insurance policies for restaurants generally come in a package, this means that they include all the insurance types that you are going to need as a business owner in this sector

Covers straight off the shelf – designed around you and your business.

Property Damage Insurance – Exactly what it says, this is covering your business assets, your tables, chairs, your kitchen equipment, stock including frozen foods, and all your other business contents.

Business Interruption – this keeps you in business when it all goes wrong, should you suffer a loss at the premises which causes a reduction in turnover, such as a fire, flood, storm for instance then your insurer will pay to keep you going whilst the premises are closed.

Public & Products Liability Insurance – This is really essential, your are in an environment that is exposed to claims from various areas, slips, trips, alleged food poisoning, foreign bodies, and whether your responsible or not you need defense. Public & Products Liability will provide cover.

Employers Liability – This is compulsory insurance, whenever you employ people (inc voluntary, work experience or apprentice) you must have this cover. Restaurant Insurance packages always have this type of insurance cover built in.

Deterioration of Stock – Frozen foods to many restaurants is an essential, but you are reliant on the freezers or refrigeration systems, if these fail you are faced with a potential bill to replace the food that has been lost – unless you are of course doing a very quick food fest!

Money Insurance – Not quite the essential insurance cover that it used to be, Money insurance usually comes part of your overall package. Never the less, money insurance covers more than just physical money, people still pay by cash, you still have money on the premises and then there is course taking it to the bank.

Legal Expenses insurance – A cover that is built into most insurance policies now, this provides cover for employment disputes, HMRC investigations as well as VAT, then there is contract disputes providing defense costs should there be a breach of contract with suppliers or customers.

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